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The Conservation Song Lyrics

The year was 1250 BCE
Egyptians put animals in captivity
Captured the beasts of land and sea
Some now endangered critically
There're 10000 zoos worldwide
Extinct species there're 905
So lets think on the conservative side
And not forget the wild

Just listen to the AZA
Cause only 212 zoos can officially say
That their animal care is a okay
And they work to promote biodiversity
So lets applaud the Toledo zoo
For their work on breeding Karner Blues
And the god people in Minnesota
Saving rhinos down in Sumatra. Down in Sumatra.
Gotta learn to conserve

There's a lot more you can do
There're 2000 unregulated zoos
Billions go towards visitor woos
And they're still uneducated too
The point is not just to keep them alive
It's to give them happiness and let them thrive
Forests and oceans are being erased
So reach in your pocket it's the wild we'll save
Let's learn to conserve
Let's learn to conserve

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